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We set out to help those who have reached the "third age" and are no longer in full employment by organising activities for further education or to promote a healthy and most enjoyable retirement.

We are very much a self help organisation with the firm belief that every one of us has education, knowledge or skills that can be shared to bring benefit to others.

We currently have over 600 members and our list of activities is ever increasing.

Feel free to take a tour of our web site, have a look at the sample of activities represented here, and if you would like to join, please click on the 'How to join' link above for more information and if required, an application form.

Virtual U3A

The Virtual U3A (vU3A) is an online-only U3A which went live in January 2009. It is fully affiliated to the Third Age Trust and one of its principal aims is to provide the U3A experience to those who are rendered isolated in some way, by circumstances or geography, and are unable to play a full part in a terrestrial U3A. If you know anyone who might benefit, please pass the information on.

For more information please refer to